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Hairlab, a Hair Restoration Clinic, Reveals How Hair Follicles Get Damaged

By on Oct 18, 2013 in Blog, Industry News |

pic 6When people lose their hair, they go into panic mode.  As a Los Angeles hair restoration clinic, we often get calls from people who notice their hair shedding and are searching for a miracle solution.  Many patients believe that their problem can be solved immediately.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  Hair transplants and laser hair therapy are very successful treatments, but they take time to see results.

The first thing that Hairlab recommends is that the client schedules an initial consultation at our clinic.  This allows the clinical staff to meet the client and record a brief medical history and talk about the patient’s lifestyle. These questions are necessary because extreme stress and improper diet can cause a myriad of medical conditions including hair loss.

Getting to the root of the hair loss problem is the best way to determine what type of treatment should be used and how successful it will be.  Often, hair follicles become damaged which prevents the hair from re-growing, resulting in hair loss. What causes damage to hair follicles? There could be many things.

Plenty of new patients visit Los Angeles Hair Restoration Clinics like Hairlab for hair loss due to extreme stress. Others may have genetically inherited the hair loss gene, or are taking medication that causes damage of hair follicles.

The first step for any treatment method is to determine the cause of the hair loss and then determine the treatment.  If follicle repair treatment by laser hair therapy is not an option, the next step may be to consider hair transplant surgery.