Welcome to HairLab, the leading hair restoration clinic in Los Angeles offering quality service with affordable prices. Dr. Ron Chao is a cosmetic and hair transplant specialist and a graduated of the University of California at Berkeley and done his residency at Yale medical school, has been offering his services to clients from all over US, Europe and Asia.

His affordable hair restoration services has made it possible for a lot of the men and women from all over the world to restore their hair and enhanced their beauty.

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Get the Best Hair Transplant in Los Angeles from HairLab

Flat-Rate Hair Transplants. Safe, Effective, High Quality.


Serving Los Angeles, Orange County, Ontario, San Bernandino, Riverside / Inland Empire, Ventura and San Diego

Graft Details

0-1500 up to 3,750 1 zone $2800 Norwood 2-3 Minimal loss, front hairline and corner work only
1501-2000 up to 5,000 1-2 zones $3500 Norwood 3-4 Moderate frontal loss and some crown loss.
2001-2500 up to 6,250 1-2 zones Was
Norwood 4-5
2501-3500 up to 8,750 1-3 zones Was
Norwood 4-6
3501-4500 up to 11,500 1-3 zones $7,000 Norwood 4-6

Travel to Los Angeles and Save Money

Whether you are in the Bay area, Orange County, San Diego, or from another state, our costs are so competitive you will save money traveling to Los Angeles than going anywhere else.

Highly Trained Hair Transplant Specialists

HairLab is the best choice for affordable, medically supervised hair transplant surgery and non-surgical hair restoration services. Budget-wise, we are able to provide the best hair transplant in the Los Angeles area as we pioneered the concept of flat rate pricing for hair implants and continue to offer some of the lowest prices in the nation. At HairLab, we offer a balanced approach to hair restoration. In addition to hair transplant surgery, we provide laser phototherapy treatment.

Now please do not confuse our low pricing with low quality. Not only are we affordable but our patients have experienced amazing results with our innovative yet affordable hair transplant service. We keep our overheard low so we can pass those savings to you. Sure we could have a fancier office, but the customer is the one who pays for that. Our location is nice and exceptionally clean and that ultimately is the most important factor.

See for yourself the amazing results our clients have received from us on our testimonials page. If you have been wanting have a better more attractive appearance by adding more hair to your hairline or bald spots then you have found the right place.

One of the main reasons we offer such great prices is because it is our mission to give people back their confidence by helping their appearance. When you feel good about yourself it truly helps every other aspect of your life because you act differently. Not only do you feel better, but you walk with an extra “kick” in your step and you behave differently. You behave in a more powerful manner.

We are not just adding more hair to your scalp, we are changing lives and this is why our clinic has been in business as long as it has and we’ve experienced the success that we have. Even if you have to travel to Los Angeles for your hair transplant surgery, it will still most likely cost less money than if you stayed in your home town and had the surgery there.

If you want the best hair transplant Los Angeles has to offer, then give us a call today for your free consultation. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.
post_imgDr. Ron Chao is a board-certified hair transplant surgeon who was educated and trained at prestigious institutions, including Yale, Cornell and the University of California at Berkeley. He has authored numerous textbook chapters and peer-reviewed medical journal articles in the areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation. Read more

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